Forestdale Menu

Fish & Chips


King size

Served with a selection of pickles & our own recipe Tartare Sauce.


Choose from:

Cod (skinned & boned)

Haddock (skinned & boned)

Plaice Fillet

Scampi in Breadcrumbs

At Market Prices

Rock/Huss (when available)

Skate (when available)

All fish are subject to market availability.

Salad instead of Chips

55p extra

Non-Fish Dishes

Choose from:


Vegetarian Dish of the Day

Ask your server for details.

Fried Chicken Quarter & Chips

Side Dishes

Choose from:

Mushy Peas


Garden Peas


Side Salad


Children’s Menu

Choose from:


Fish Bites



Cheese & Onion Pie

Chicken Nuggets

All Desserts

Choose from:


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Chocolate Pudding

Apple Pie

All above served with a choice of cream, custard or vanilla ice-cream.

Various Ice-Creams:

Dairy Vanilla

Rum & Raisin


Choc Chip

Minimum Adult Charge

Service at your discretion.


Wines & Beverages – 75ml Bottle

House Red or White


Per Glass


Nora Albarino


Bornos Sauvignon Blanc






For a fuller description & other wines see our separate wine list.

Selection of Beers

1⁄2 pint (Approx)


1 pint (Approx)


Aperitifs, Spirits and Liquers per 25ml






Expresso, Latte, Cappuccino, etc.

Soft Drinks


We fry in groundnut oil.

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